rubber bands aka silly bandz


Forgot to tell you about this craze in America, it’s rubber bands shaped  as funny shapes, animals, letters, shoes, bags or whatever.. an EVERY student is wearing them and then trading.. I felt like i was in kindergarden first i saw somebody trade these weird ‘bracelets’ even though it was high school.

But Silly Bandz are now making celebritys! I saw in a magasin Jessica Parker and Mary Kate Olsen is wearing them TOO..
Well i have some i got from friends..

Yup it looks and sounds like something from my time as a 5 year old kid, but in America it’s the hottest high school craze right now .

Oh yea i forgot to say… some of them (the really popular ones) glows in the dark 😉 hah’



2 Responses to “rubber bands aka silly bandz”

  1. Thank you for your post.
    I have never know before about this silly bandz story.
    Thank again.It is very interested.

  2. 2 sillybandzmania

    I agree with you.It is the hotest in America.Don’t miss to have this toy 🙂

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