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my outfit yesterday.. i love the weather right now in denmark it should be like this for .. forever (it reminds me of miami) I finally got holiday from work, so i don’t have to wake up that early anymore, before the end of july.. // A shorts/Zara, belt/Vintage, basic tank top/Bazaar, shoes/from France, blazer/Zara, […]

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Yes I don’t have to go to work today  – A sweedish friend that i met in florida is visiting me today.. I have to pick her up at 3:30 pm , and then the party starts. New blouse from mbym, pants and trousersuit from the store i’m working in ‘Mùus’. gonna’ go tan now. ttyl […]

uhmm it feels so weird to wear tights again after being used to sunshine and 30 degrees everyday for a year, oh well i’m home, and it’s amazing. Is wearing my sisters jumpsuit from Modström, my Chanel ballerinas and my new blazer from Zara.. My sister gave me the silver ring from beathouse as a […]