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Packing for Nice! Can’t wait / V Reklamer



I’m in bed right now, starting to think about next school year and so on.. It’s gonna be tough year, i know, and right now at this point I can’t foresee all the homework and assignments and spending wayy to much time in a classroom. I mean, I’ve been doing absoulety nothing since May. It’s […]

the sweet life


At the moment I’m in Tisvildeleje with a bunch of friends and my boyfriend as you see on the pics. Sorry for not blogging lately, but I’ve been feeling quite uninspired .. My new things from New York is comming up though. Tuesday I’m off to Nice. Lovely Hope you enjoy your vacation.. V

Concrete jungle


    New York rocked. Just arrived at Dk today, but didn’t want to leave my favourite city.. I’ve bought loads of clothes, shoes and so on.. I’ll show you guys later. I walked on Brooklyn Bridge, saw the musical “American Idiot” (which was awesome), spent the mornings in Central Park, went to Washington Square Garden, stopped […]

The past days has been crazy. We had such a great time at Roskilde Festival, I really didn’t wanted to leave friday morning.. Gorillaz were insane and so was Electrojuice. I have to stay there the whole week next year! I slept most of Friday away, since I got home at 11 am from Roskilde […]

Viktoria and I are back in Holte after a wild day and night at Roskilde Festival.. We visited many camps and drank a lot and later went crazy to Gorillaz at the Orange Stage! But holy shit  the camps are gross, i think i totally forgot how it actually is to live at a festival, […]



Going to Roskilde tomorow for one day, to see Gorillaz, enjoy the atmosphere, the mood, drink loads of beer, visit all my friends in their camps and party all night! Amalie is going too.. So I have to get some sleep now, since we leave early in the morning! Maybe I’ll see you there? V