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Going to Roskilde tomorow for one day, to see Gorillaz, enjoy the atmosphere, the mood, drink loads of beer, visit all my friends in their camps and party all night! Amalie is going too.. So I have to get some sleep now, since we leave early in the morning! Maybe I’ll see you there? V […]

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Yes I don’t have to go to work today  – A sweedish friend that i met in florida is visiting me today.. I have to pick her up at 3:30 pm , and then the party starts. New blouse from mbym, pants and trousersuit from the store i’m working in ‘Mùus’. gonna’ go tan now. ttyl […]

Forgot to tell you about this craze in America, it’s rubber bands shaped  as funny shapes, animals, letters, shoes, bags or whatever.. an EVERY student is wearing them and then trading.. I felt like i was in kindergarden first i saw somebody trade these weird ‘bracelets’ even though it was high school. But Silly Bandz […]


my summerhouse in Liseleje I’m off to my summerhouse with my family and boyfriend! Have a great day


by didi beck (miss you) // A

I’m back – finally. So sorry. i’ve been busy (and lazy) haha. So a quick update of what has been going on in my life lately. As Viktoria wrote; I’m home for good now and I had the best  surprise homecoming party, i’ve been partied a lot and enjoyed my summer. I got my first job […]

pic: I know the list is in danish, but this is the complete list of what you need at Roskilde Festival. I was there one year ago, and it was awesome! I’m so sad for not going this year.. // V